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Garden Services

Our expertise stretches over 10 years of experience with special focus on the gardening services and commercial garden maintenance of large premises. We’ve developed our skills to bring our clients kerb appeal that turns visitors into clients. Commercial garden maintenance is about more than aesthetics. It’s about first impressions, property value, attracting new business, and making those that visit, want to stay for longer and visit again. Commercial landscaping has the power to speak for you about your business. Put your best foot forward with exquisitely planned and maintained premises. We offer both landscaping design and implementation as a once-off service, and ongoing maintenance for superb results.

Our turnkey commercial garden maintenance services include design, construction, installation, and ongoing maintenance. THE WORKS SERVICES has consistently produced award-winning landscapes.

Cleaning Services

THE WORKS SERVICES’s cleaning division includes a range of contract and specialist cleaning solutions. A beautifully clean property sends an instant message to both current and prospective customers. Our range of cleaning services gives you the benefit not only of a sparkling company image, but also the savings that can be enjoyed through our multi-service offering – fewer cleaning vendors on your payroll. Our cleaning division specialises in catering to the needs of the corporate, commercial, and industrial sectors, focusing largely on the healthcare, retail, hospitality, mining and automotive fields.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

In order to enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest, a weekly professional maintenance is required. At THE WORKS SERVICES, a team of professional cleaners are trained to ensure that your pool is in the best condition at all times and will help you enjoy its benefits without the burden of having to look after it. Your swimming pool becomes our responsibility.

Package details for swimming pool maintenance

  • Weekly chemicals dosage for chlorine and pH regulator
  • Addition of salt if necessary for salt treatment technology
  • Addition of magnesium for magnesium treatment technology
  • Salt & chemicals are supplied by THE WORKS SERVICES
  • Weekly vacuuming and brushing
  • Weekly cleaning of the filtration system by backwash and rinse or as and when necessary
  • Weekly cleaning of the salt chlorinator electrodes and electrolysis plates or as and when necessary
  • Weekly technical check on filtration equipment

Garden tips for when you’re away

Your gardens need to be cared for at all times, even while you’re away for the festive season. There are plenty of ways for you to care for your gardens without you needing to be home sooner than you want to be. Here’s how:

Keep your garden watered:

Water your gardens a day before you leave and ensure that you’ve removed all weeds from your flowerbeds. Weeds tend to compete with your flowers for water and will inevitably be detrimental upon your return home. An alternative way to keep your gardens watered is through a drip irrigation system, or a little DIY self-watering bottle with holes poked at the bottom. Placing them in the ground will allow your plants to get the necessary water they need. Make sure to fill these bottles before you leave! Collecting rainwater for your gardens will help with water conservation. Keeping a barrel out to collect rainwater is a surefire way to keep your gardens alive.

Mulch your garden:

Mulching helps your plants retain moisture in the soil as well as reduces water loss from evaporation during the heat of the festive season. If you want a cost-effective way of creating mulch, mow your lawns and spread the clippings on your flowerbeds.


A liquid fertilizer should give them an appropriate boost. Feed It to them before you go on vacation and if you’re headed out for longer than a week, a granular fertilizer should give your plants an extra kick to keep them alive until you return. Make sure that once you’ve fertilized your gardens, you water them as well!

Potted Plant Care:

If you intend to go away for a long while, always make sure to move your pots into the shade to ensure that water does not evaporate too quickly. Adding granules that retain water is also a plus. For better water retention, try placing your potted plants closer together to create a climate that is damper and allows less water loss through their leaves. Ensure that your plants are still placed in an area where they have access to rain.


If you’re unable to have someone mow your lawns, be sure to mow it down the day before you leave, set the mower down low enough and water when you’re done. When you come back, don’t cut your lawn too low, otherwise it will go brown, and we’re sure you don’t want that.

Pest Prevention:

You will need to check your gardens for potential pests. Appropriate pesticides that are friendly to the environment should be enough to prevent those little critters from indulging in your beautiful gardens.

Lastly, you should always try applying these measures at the start of the season. This will prepare your beloved gardens and plants with the necessary durability to help them through both dry spots and your absence, however, always keep water conservation in mind. Try to use grey or rainwater.

You could also go the easy way, by hiring a professional! Someone with horticultural savvy that can aid in providing optimal care for your beloved flowers. They’re experts in the field, after all, and their knowledge and passion are guaranteed to ensure you return to a lovely looking garden, without having to worry.

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