About Us

Zoom Executive Investments is a dynamic, South African based local Alternative Investment Company (AIF) with a rapidly growing investment portfolio of successful properties, businesses and partnerships that operate across South Africa.

We started this company with the idea of registering it with the FAIS as a FSP but unfortunately the financial costs overwhelm the current financial capacity of Zoom Executive Investments (AIF)

We are not a registered FAIS Company or a FSP although our long term goal would be to register as a FSP with the FAIS.

We are therefore currently private investors of a growing concern with our current property assets, new property developments, business ventures and successful companies that we partner with.

We are therefore currently an Alternative Investment Company (AIF) which does not require us to be registered with the FAIS or be a registered FSP at the moment.

Our umbrella company is Zoom Automation under which we have successful companies which provide; products and services locally and in Africa.

Zoom Automation – www.zoomautomation.co.za