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Zoom Executive Investments is a dynamic, South African based local investment company with a rapidly growing investment portfolio of successful businesses and partnerships that operate across South Africa.
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We invest in Property and then provide investors with a Virtual Property Portfolio for that specific property. The properties are currently making returns in access of 25% thus we are able to provide a fixed interest rate with fixed returns without the fears of actually owning the property, hence we say you are investing in a Virtual Property. We take the risk of non-paying tenants, maintenance, expropriation of Land without compensation and all the other risks currently involved in owning a property.
We hope this explains your questions on our product.
Furthermore your capital investment is secured and guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about transfer cost etc.
We provide you with a Certificate of the Investment Guaranteeing your Capital & Monthly Returns.

Unfortunately your Capital does not increase in value but this way we make our share and you make your share without the risks involved.
Further more
When you purchase a property for R1 million your bond repayment will be +- R7500 @ 9.5% which is a very difficult interest rate to get. Your bond repayment typically will be more in the line of R9500 per month, this will leave you with a shortfall of R3000 per month that you will have to pay in above your rental income and that is excluding rates and tax payments, insurance, maintenance etc.
In general when purchasing an investment property you will have to pay for a minimum of 5 years before your bond repayment equals your rental income and then a further 5 years before you really start seeing a return.
When investing in a Virtual Property Portfolio your returns are immediate starting from the first day that your investment is made and approved.
We also do have conservative, moderate and aggressive portfolios.

We aim to make your investment trouble free with very little paperwork and immediate, guaranteed returns.

Do you see your capital diminish everyday without any benefit? Do you need to secure your capital and still have money for daily expenses without spending your capital. For R1 million you can have a total income in excess of R12000 per month up to 12.5% per annum. Act fast with our simple investment to secure your capital with the ability to withdraw funds from your capital as you wish and when you wish. Let us help you day by day. R500000 will give you R5000 per month up to 10% per annum without the risks of loosing your capital to a bad economy, expropriation of land without compensation or any other unforeseen circumstances. Take charge today and receive your investment certificate within 72 hours and start earning today.

Zoom Executive Investments are not like other investment companies that you never know what’s happening with your investment but most importantly your investment is not paying for some investment company or private entities ravish lifestyle.
Many Investment Companies offer low, medium and high risk and even a low risk investment can fail. We at Zoom Executive Investments eliminate the risk of failure by providing solid investments without the risks and without the fine print that so many investors fail to read. (ZERO RISK Option)
Zoom Executive Investments also team up with proven property developers who show a minimum of 25% return within 6 months (Maximum time for small developments based on one speculated property)
We also invest and partner with blue chip companies that have a proven returns record for more than 3 years.
Our Main Business Partner Company is Zoom Automation.

“Zoom Automation Pty Ltd South Africa was formed in 2003 and has enjoyed continuous growth during this period. The Company has gained an excellent reputation in the supply of Instrumentation, Electrical and Mechanical Equipment & Spare Parts to a wide spectrum of Industries in South Africa and Africa.”


We aim to make your investment trouble free with very little paperwork and immediate, secured and guaranteed returns.

Zoom Executive Investments has a Facebook page as well as a LinkedIn page. WhatsApp is also available for communication including Questions and Updates.

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