Can Zoom Executive Investments really help you? (Questions to ask)

  1. Do you see your capital diminish everyday without any benefits or returns?
  2. Do you need to secure your capital and still have money for daily expenses without spending your capital?
  3. Do you want to invest but are scared of the current state of the economy?
  4. Do you have fears of investing in property because of talks of Expropriation of Land without Compensation?
  5. Do you have fears of having bad tenants and tenants not paying your rent or damaging your property?
  6. Do you worry about civil unrest or riots affecting your property investment?
  7. Do you want an immediate return on your investment without waiting 5 years for your rental income to exceed bond repayment?
  8. Do you want the rental income without the hassles of transfer costs, commission costs, rates and taxes, water and lights, maintenance, insurance and all the other costs involved when purchasing a property for investment?

For R1 million you can have a total income in excess of R10000 per month, 12% per annum. Act fast with our simple investment to secure your capital with the ability to withdraw funds from your capital as you wish and when you wish giving 14-day’s notice.

Let us help you day by day. R500000 will give you R4170 per month up to 10% per annum without the risks of loosing your capital to a bad economy, expropriation of land without compensation or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Take charge today and receive your investment certificate within 72 hours and start earning today.

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